Wendy Freeman: Faculty and Student Models of Digital Literacy

Dr. Wendy Freeman
By - 2013

With the rise of web-based social technologies such as blogs and Facebook, digital competences are needed to participate fully in the social and economic activities of the workforce. Because university students grew up with ready access to the Internet, they are assumed to possess advanced technical abilities, however, in reality, they are still primarily online consumers on the social web. Universities are struggling to adapt policy and pedagogical methods to incorporate opportunities for students to gain fluency with ICTs, and there remains little informed understanding of advanced digital literacy practices that support academic and workplace participation.

The objectives of Dr. Freeman’s research project are: (1) to explore the critical and creative digital literacy practices of highly digitally literate university students;  (2) to explore the relationship between pedagogical understanding and social media use by instructors; and (2) to develop a framework for digital literacy that advances the discourse of technological fluency for university instructors and policy makers.