ProCom Students Welcome New Students to Ryerson School of Professional Communication

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ProCom Students Welcome New Students to Ryerson School of Professional Communication

Scavenger Hunt, Anyone?

Are you wondering if an 8am class really starts at 8am?? Do you want to find out how to access ProCom-only spaces in the RCC? Feeling thrilled, excited or just a tiny bit overwhelmed? That’s the way some students can feel when heading back to school - especially in a brand new school in one of North America’s largest cities. That’s a feeling that Ryerson students, Megan Smith and Taelor Lewis-Joseph, leaders of the Ryerson Professional Communication Course Union team remember too well when they started Ryerson’s ProCom program. That’s why they decided to help new and incoming students break the ice, connect, make friends and ease some of the tension of back to school with a Scavenger Hunt with a social media twist.

According to organizers, Smith and Lewis-Joseph, the ProCom Undergraduate Scavenger hunt has a practical purpose as well. The hunt is a fun way to help new students get to know the campus, members of the School of ProCom staff, and each other in a way that speaks to the vibrant community that is ProCom.

“I remember what it was like to start at Ryerson’s School of Professional Communication. I was nervous and excited. I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t know where I was going and was worried I’d get lost,” said Smith. “The Scavenger Hunt idea was a way to help everyone get past that feeling, gain some confidence, and connect with the campus and each other in a fun way.”

According to Lewis-Joseph, some of the bonus point tasks are designed to help students break the ice, laugh and practice some important skills. “We have one task that asks students to take a photo inside Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) giving someone a proper handshake. That’s an important skill (and will also be hilarious). Another task on the list dares you to ride on a skateboarder’s board on Gould (it also gets students used to the many boarders on the street ahead of school). All of the tasks are designed to practical and fun,” said Lewis-Joseph.

Join in on the fun. During the August 28 Orientation festivities, join us on instagram with the  hashtag #ProComBeginnings .

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