ProCom Alumni Conceptualize Content Marketing

When it comes to communication, the ever-changing face of the marketing industry creates an increasing demand for professionals in the field.

As digital media and marketing fields continue to develop, School of Professional Communication (ProCom) students, alumni, and faculty need to stay up to date with the industry. To provide the ProCom community with first-hand insights of digital and content marketing, the ProCom Alumni Association (PCAA) asked Kareem Perez of 6S Marketing to join them at the PCAA Spring Social on March 23rd, 2017.  

Master of Professional Communication (MPC) student Vanessa To led the audience in a dynamic discussion, where Kareem shared an extensive amount of information and insights. Here are some of the highlights from their conversation that evening.

When asked to define content marketing today, Kareem described it is as:

"... the art of offering consumers valuable content at the three different stages in their journey: the initial awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision stage. "

In terms of differentiating between content marketing and how it fits into the digital marketing landscape, he likened content marketing to the intrinsic art of professional communication.

"Content marketing is a strategy that focuses on creating and sharing relevant material (whether it be in videos, blogs, social media posts, news articles, etc.) with your target audience.", he said. "The important thing is to keep the attention of your audience within the wide scope of technology."

Kareem went on to recommend mobile and on-the-go content, particularly in the form of videos, images, social media, and news as being the most attention-grabbing tools, withblogs and podcasts being less influential outreach methods.

Before closing the discussion, Kareem had the following insight to share with those who want to make a career in digital marketing:

"Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and build your strategies around those ideas; let your voice be heard by communicating your ideas and asking for clarification when needed; and focus on becoming an expert in a field you enjoy."

See below for photos and highlights of the PCAA Spring Social and be sure to visit the ProCom Graduate page to find out how you can develop your communication skills in content and digital marketing.