MPC Alumni Marc Muschler Talks Star Wars

To celebrate Star Wars Day ProCom got in touch with 2016 MPC alumni, Marc Muschler, to talk about his MRP Use The Cgi, Luke: Oral And Visual Elements Of Narrative In Star Wars Film Trailers. In his MRP, Marc analyzed how the Star Wars franchise used cinematic narratives in their trailers to market their films.  

When asked what inspired his MRP topic, Marc stated:

“I have been a Star Wars fan for years, but the release of Star Wars, Episode VII: The Force Awakens in December 2015 and the marketing campaign leading up to the film piqued my interest from an academic perspective. The Star Wars franchise presented a unique opportunity to study the evolution of narrative as a marketing tool over the span of a 40-year period in the entertainment industry.”

Through his research Marc was able to better understand the narrative use of marketing in the Star Wars franchise and came to the following three conclusions:

  • As the Star Wars franchise develops over time, the film trailers indicate that visuals and special effects play an increasingly important role in the expression of narrative (e.g. increase in the number and frequency of cinematic sequences between the 1977, 1999, and 2015 trailers)
  • Narrative-driven cinematic sequences are used in favour of a traditional narrative voice or character dialogue because visuals promote a greater emotional connection between the audience and the trailer narrative
  • Legacy characters, music, and motifs reinforce the roles of newly introduced characters and appeal to popular culture knowledge of the Star Wars universe to engage more directly with the audience’s sense of nostalgia

Marc went on to explain how his MRP research has influenced his career to date, and stated:

“The research methods required for the MRP has helped me greatly in developing a more methodical research process for my own freelance work. For instance, I am currently working with a client to write and edit a book aimed at attracting international businesses to set up shop in Nova Scotia. This requires extensive research on various locations throughout the province and developing a system of criteria that can be applied to each location for a well-rounded view of each town and city. The research skills I developed while writing my MRP allowed to me take on this project with confidence.”

Marc wrapped up his experience in the MPC program with the following quote:

“The MPC program professionalized my skillset and oriented my career path towards an in-demand and essential industry. The combination of classroom theory and practical application offers a unique learning experience that develops multi-faceted professional communicators who prosper in communication roles throughout Canada.”

Since graduating Marc has been working as a Freelance Communications Strategist running his own business, Marc Muschler Commnication Solutions.

Want to know more about the narrative techniques in the Star Wars franchise? You can read Marc's MRP online