Master of Professional Communication Program Welcomes Incoming Students

MPC incoming students at orientation

Welcome to the Master’s of Professional Communication program at Ryerson University, one of Canada’s most innovative and dynamic communication programs. You are about to experience an intensive - and rewarding - balance of communication theory, hands-on learning, professional skills development and networking experience that will serve you well in today’s competitive job market (and in life more generally!).

The decision to pursue a graduate degree is a big step! According to Statistics Canada, you will be a part of the rarified 7.9% of the Canadian working-age population that has more than a bachelor's degree.* ProCom’s focus on theory and practice will give you an edge on the research and innovation front, and through the internship and your coursework you’ll be faced with business and communication challenges that allow you to flex your tactical skills in order to create and execute compelling communication solutions.

Additionally, you are about to become a part of a big, interconnected and supportive network of educators, fellow students and communication industry professionals. Ryerson’s MPC students have gone on to some of the top jobs in their field in the private and public sector. Upon graduation, you’ll also become a part of the ProCom Alumni Association.

Our one-year intensive program can feel like a whirlwind but it’s a lot of fun! You’ll learn a lot about communication, but you’ll also learn a lot about yourself: what you are capable of and what your peers can help you become. Remember to take the time to look around you, connect with all of the great things that Ryerson has to offer, and experience the city of Toronto, one of the world’s most dynamic and diverse cities.

I, and the whole ProCom team, are here to help you succeed and pursue your goals. Work hard, enjoy yourself and welcome to graduate school!

Dr. Matthew Tiessen
Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director

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