Catherine Schryer Wins Errol Aspevig Award

Catherine Schryer

FCAD is proud to announce that Dr. Catherine Schryer, Chair of the School of Professional Communication, has won the 2017 Errol Aspevig Award for Outstanding Academic Leadership.

As Chair of ProCom for the past seven years, Dr. Schryer led the development of the School’s undergraduate and graduate programs, the expansion of scholarly research and creative activities, and the establishment of internship programs and other career-oriented learning opportunities for ProCom students.

Dr. Schryer’s diverse research projects demonstrate her commitment to enhancing knowledge of communication practices in professional contexts. Since completing her doctoral degree in Rhetoric and Composition, she has pursued research in healthcare communication and published her work in the foremost journals in her field. She completed two projects funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and went on to receive a well-deserved National Council of Teachers of English Award in 2000.

Drawing on her wealth of research and teaching experience in professional communication, Dr. Schryer developed a strategic vision and plan for ProCom’s expansion. To quote the official announcement of the award, Dr. Schryer’s “dynamic vision, skillful guidance, strategic planning and collaborative spirit have driven this remarkable transformation.” In practice, Dr. Schryer played a key role in developing ProCom’s undergraduate and graduate programs, growing a staff of experienced lecturers and researchers, and ensuring ProCom students have access to a wide range of career-oriented learning opportunities through internships, skills development workshops, collaborative initiatives with other schools and external organizations, and paid positions with ProCom’s new production unit, the Centre for Communicating Knowledge, where students use their knowledge and skills to communicate research findings to diverse audiences. Dr. Schryer also advocated for the expansion of technological resources and infrastructure to support teaching, learning and research in ProCom. Examples include designated teaching spaces such as the flexLabs in the Rogers Communications Centre, video facilities, collaborative spaces like the Practicum Centre, and integration of the lecture and presentation recording system Panopto.

Dr. Schryer’s leadership embodies the values of the Errol Aspevig award, which recognizes exceptional contributions to academic life at Ryerson and beyond. Her achievement will be celebrated at Ryerson Awards Night on March 27th. For more information about the 2017 Awards, visit the Ryerson Today website.