Career Insights from MPC Alumni

Starting your career search can be a challenging experience, that’s why the School of Professional Communication (ProCom) and the ProCom Alumni Association (PCAA) teamed up to help soon-to-be graduates with just that.  

On April 25th, 2017 ProCom and the PCAA hosted Panel Talks: How do I get a job? - a discussion between ProCom students and alumni. MPC graduates Anneliese Sanghara, Joanna Liu, and Ian Barcarse were invited back to the campus to share their tips on how to get a job after graduation.

It was a candid, eye-opening discussion that helped everyone in attendance gain a better understanding of where to take their job search over the coming months.

Here are the top 10 suggestions they had to share about jump-starting your professional career:

  1. Don't t let the number of years of experience in a job posting deter you from applying if you have the necessary skills. Sometimes the quality of your abilities means more than the number of years you’ve been in the industry.
  2. Always be sure to mention what you accomplished in your role by stating quantitative and qualitative results in your resume. Showcasing results makes applicants stand out.
  3. Write tailored resumes and ensure that keywords from the job description are present in your resume. There is no need to change the wording from the job description:employers want to know you have the exact skills that they are looking for.
  4. Be a good listener and always pay close attention to what you are being asked to do. Try to read between the lines and look for opportunities in the nonverbal and social cues your managers may be communicating to help make their lives (and yours!) that much easier.
  5. Learn how to talk to stakeholders and modify your communication strategies for each party. What works for one stakeholder may not work for another.
  6. Use your youth to your advantage by demonstrating that you're on  trend. The fact that you understand the world in a different way than someone who may have more years experience is an asset.
  7. When you attend meetings, you don’t always have to contribute something. Sometimes it is best to just listen and observe what is being said.
  8. Accept continuous feedback from supervisors and implement changes to improve your work. Listening to (and applying) feedback will help you move forward in your career and exhibit your desire to continuously grow.  
  9. Don’t go into a job expecting to make an immediate impact. It is important to complete the day to day tasks and allow time to pass before attempting to make major changes. With time, your opportunity to make suggestions and improve the workplace will come.  
  10. The MPC program may not be very well known to employers, but it is still a postgraduate level Master’s degree that provided you with the skills necessary to succeed. Don’t feel as though you have to defend your education -  it is a credential that you worked very hard to earn.

Thank you to the alumni panel for sharing such sound advice and to all ProCom students who came out seeking knowledge and to show their support!