Why ProCom?

The Professional Communications (ProCom) BA provides an adaptive curriculum covering all aspects of the fast-changing communications sector. New students are welcomed into an immersive learning environment fully equipped with all the technology, educational resources and industry connections necessary to excel. At the very forefront of the communications industry, this program will get you where you want to be as a modern communications professional.

A program that grows with you

ProCom BA students will gain expertise as tech-savvy improvisers equipped for adapting to a fast-changing world of communications. You’ll be immersed in a dynamic learning experience from day one. Develop audience-specific text and image content, and delve into the world of ad agencies and government departments, before progressing to hands-on experience through internships with influential media organizations. Your four year ProCom journey may take you across the world through international exchange programs, or connect you with unique local opportunities right here in the global megacity of Toronto.

Your first year as a ProCom student will begin with dynamic classrooms kitted out with industry-standard tools and technology, where leading educators deliver learning experiences that blend communication theory with hands-on experience.

You will go on to master the arts of branding, stakeholder outreach, and public relations through a diverse array of media. Uncover the power of text, sound, and digital networking through theory and practical application in the classroom and beyond. Investigate how visual imagery and language influence the modern world. Discover the connections between media producers, big business and the public. Wherever you want to go in the communications sector, whatever you want to be, ProCom can get you there.

A welcoming, vibrant campus

Located a stone’s throw from Toronto’s bustling Dundas Square, and surrounded by the vibrant and modern Ryerson University campus, the ProCom building will be yours to explore. A place where you will investigate and research professional communications. A nurturing hotbed of talent, inquiry, and mentorship where bright futures take shape.

Whether you are researching in one of our labs, or out on assignment in the city, you’ll find strategic innovation is at the heart of ProCom. You will benefit from in-house scholars, researchers and media practitioners as well as ProCom’s connections with local industry leaders as you learn to investigate, collaborate, and profit from the dynamic world of communications.

All the technology you need

From non-digital media to high technology, you will experience and benefit from a suite of vocational areas on campus. Kick back in one of our many quiet study zones, or pick up the latest tech at the Cage, our in-house one stop shop for all your electronic and multimedia needs.

From our innovative fleXlabs to state-of-the-art video facilities, 24-hour collaborative spaces such as the Practicum Centre and Panopto, a lecture and presentation recording system, ProCom has it all. We have all the best tech and it’s all at your disposal. You’ll find all the technology you’ll see in real world applications, from interactive whiteboards and video conferencing systems, to digital design software like Adobe Photoshop and recording equipment. Boardroom or studio, in the office or on location, we’ll get you accustomed to life in the wild.

Join us at ProCom and you will embark upon a course of study carefully tailored to ensure your success as a professional communicator. Whether you have an open mind with regards to your future, or a clearly delineated set of career goals, ProCom instructors will provide mentorship and collaborative opportunities that will expand your horizons. Together we will mobilize knowledge in a welcoming environment that allows you to take ideas outside of the classroom and into the real world.

Get started!

Want to know what your future could look like? ProCom alumni are already making waves in Canada and beyond. Our graduates' careers range from media developers and public relations experts to communications professionals in government and industry organizations.

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