About Us

Professional Communication is the study and practice of written, oral, visual and media communication practices within organizations or “fields” such as healthcare, law, government, business, advertising, science, and technology.

Our aim is to produce graduates with the flexibility to enter a number of professions, such as public relations, corporate communications, governance, public policy, project management, research, event planning, and website creation and maintenance. A BA in Professional Communication can also lead to post-graduate degrees in fields such as law, education and professional communication.

As researchers and scholars, we are interdisciplinary. We aim to understand all forms of communication from a range of perspectives. But we are united in our efforts to produce expert and principled communication practitioners.

At the graduate level, we offer a one year accelerated Master’s program that includes research and internship experiences.  At the undergraduate level, we offer a new four year BA degree in Professional Communication.  Over the four years of the program, students will be introduced to the theories and practices that underpin effective textual, visual and oral communication and will have an internship opportunity. They will experience working with industries, for-profit and not-for profit organizations and professional groups.

We also offer a Minor in Professional Communication for students outside of our own program.