Knowledge Mobilization

What is Knowledge Mobilization?

“KM[b] is knowledge applied to action to help facilitate real-world impacts on policy and society. It is the process of adapting knowledge to increase research uptake and inform decisions by connecting researchers and their work to organizations and communities outside the university.” 


- Office of the Vice President, Research & Innovation (OVPRI) at Ryerson University 

Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) facilitates the application of research knowledge to real-world action. The core premise of KMb is to move knowledge to-and-from researchers and society, promoting conversations and collaboration in the process. The activities encompassed by KMb act as pathways through which knowledge can be exchanged between researchers and the public.

Terminology varies across disciplines: KMb is also commonly known as knowledge transfer, knowledge translation, knowledge exchange, knowledge management, knowledge brokering, knowledge uptake, implementation research, knowledge-to-action, research dissemination, research diffusion, and research distillation.

How can the CCK help?

The Centre for Communicating Knowledge (CCK) at the School of Professional Communication can offer guidance in the design, creation, and strategic dissemination of communication products to help researchers reach diverse audiences. Our services include:

  • Strategic Communication Planning
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Content Strategies
  • Website Development
  • Print and Digital Graphic Design
  • Branding Services
  • Document and Template Design

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