Centre for Communicating Knowledge (CCK)

Bringing research knowledge into society is an ever-growing focus for academic institutions. Through the communication of knowledge, the research and social communities at large become more engaged and informed about various political, social, and cultural concerns.

Our mission is to become an invaluable resource for knowledge mobilization and translation within the research community at Ryerson University.

The Centre for Communicating Knowledge (CCK) at the School of Professional Communication is uniquely positioned to offer support and services to individual researchers, research groups, and centres in planning and creating communication products outside of traditional academic publication. We help researchers translate and mobilize their knowledge to targeted audiences by working with them to design and produce communication products appropriate for their dissemination goals. Our translation services range from audience profiling and key message development to producing posters and information design. Within knowledge mobilization, the CCK offers researchers guidance, processes, and products that facilitate the exchange of information, including websites and multimedia.

Our diverse team of faculty members specialize in various genres of communication, including healthcare, law, government, business, advertising, science, and technology. At the undergraduate level, our students are well versed in graphic and web design, public relations, and marketing. Our graduate students have built a reputation for being award winning communication strategists.

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