The Spectrum Speaks: ‘Colour Fashions’ (FS8111)

colour fashions

In fields spanning information design to fashion, colour is often considered simply decorative, but a new course provides students with fresh insight into the ‘language’ of colour.

This Fall the Schools of Fashion and Professional Communication offered for the first time ‘Colour Fashions’ (FS8111),  a graduate course that pairs theory with tactile creation. “I begin with the premise that colour has long been subordinated as an “Other” in Western media and culture,” Professor Carolyn Kane explains, “and then challenge this assumption using interdisciplinary and hands-on techniques.”

From computer screens to clothing and ‘mood management,’ Dr. Kane proposes that the ‘language of colour’ influences our material realities. Through this course, students learned about key colour trends, styles and debates in twentieth and twenty-first century media, fashion, design, and architecture.

Blending strengths characteristic of Fashion and ProCom, ‘Colour Fashions’ concludes with students planning, researching, and assembling a proposal for a major interdisciplinary, creative colour project such as maquettes or multimedia websites. With its unique theorization and hands-on exploration of the complex “language” of colour, this course was, and will continue to be, of great interest for many ProCom students.