MPC Grad Spotlight: Sara Masson (MPC ‘11)

Sara Masson


Sara Masson graduated from the MPC Program in 2011 and has since enjoyed a dynamic career in the Toronto tech community. Right after graduating MPC, Sara joined Wave Apps. Here she pursued multiple roles within the company including Community Management and Product Marketing Management.

Sara is now working at another thriving Toronto-based tech company called Loopio. In her role as a Customer Success Manager, Sara trains and helps to develop the current customer base.

“I go into work every day and get to do things that inspire me, surrounded by an incredibly talented group of people,” Sara says. “I couldn’t be where I am today without my experiences with the MPC program. No matter what career path you take, strong communication skills can always help you excel. Communication is a big part of my day-to-day, and the skills I learned with MPC help me to communicate more effectively.”


Why MPC?

Sara graduated with a BComm. from the University of Guelph, specializing in Hospitality and Tourism. She knew she wanted to pursue a Master’s Degree as her next challenge, and began to plan. Sara sought advice from one of her mentors, originally drawn to MBA programs.  He encouraged her to diversify her skill set with a Master’s degree in communications.

Sara knew the Masters of Professional Communication program would allow her to achieve success throughout her career. With the strong focus on the skills necessary to succeed in today’s business world, MPC seemed a strong choice.


Standout Classes

Sara is constantly applying the skills she learned in her Graduate studies at Ryerson.

“I believe the course that has had the biggest impact on my career has been Advanced Speaking and Presentation Technologies. The ability to clearly articulate your point and connect with your audience is a huge benefit in almost any field. I’m always applying the skills I learned in this class – whether it be in a weekly team meeting, or a monthly call with one of my top customers,” Sara says.

Another favorite course? Advanced Editing and Document Design.

“I’ve never been much of a visual person — I always preferred to communicate through language,” Sara explains. “Learning the basic skills and programs (such as InDesign and PhotoShop) has been very beneficial for me. Working in the Tech Community, teams tend to be agile. Having those multi-faceted skills has allowed me to clearly communicate my needs, and get projects completed more efficiently.”

The Major Research Paper was another facet of the program Sara enjoyed: “It was such a thrill to get to decide on my own topic, and then dig deep and explore this concept over the span of a few months,” Sara says. “I knew that I wanted to study something that would be both marketable during my job hunt, and applicable in my career. I ultimately decided to study persuasive language, with Yelp Reviews as my medium.

“Not only did this topic make me more appealing to potential employers, but years later, I still apply those lessons. In marketing emails, case studies, internal meetings or customer calls — the ability to strategically choose more persuasive language has been like my own personal superpower. And I wouldn’t have these insights without MPC.”


People First

Not all the lessons Sara learned took place in the classroom.

“I would be remiss to overlook the incredible group of people I graduated with,” Sara adds. “This network will be invaluable to you. When an appropriate job opportunity comes up within any of our companies, we’re always reaching out to each other. This is a lifelong network of incredibly talented individuals, with no limits to what they can accomplish.

“But it doesn’t stop at my graduating class. When my organization was hiring for an entry Communications Role, the first people I reached out to were the Administrators for the MPC program. With MPC, you gain access to a network of talented people for the rest of your career.”