International Women's Day: MRP Showcase

international women's day mrp showcase portrait photos

Master of Professional Communication (MPC)  students pursue a wide range of topics for their Major Research Projects. In honour of International Women’s Day, here are a few projects written by MPC alumnae  that explore how women’s issues are communicated in the media.  

Miri Makin’s, Shifting Gears: The Impact of Extracurricular Exposure on Girl's Attitudes Towards Engineering, explores how exposure to engineering has influenced girl’s attitudes towards that industry. Makin discusses the personal connection that led her to choose her research topic and how her findings have informed her role as Corporate Communications Manager at Bell.

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Brooke Ihnat’s MRP Strong Is Beautiful (?): A Multimodal Analysis of Strength and Beauty in Female and Male Sports Commercials, examines how the images of female athletes lead to an unequal presence of female sports teams in the media. Ihnat’s MRP continues to influence her dedication to representing diversity in the work she does as Lead Communications Specialist at a global brand.

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Rebecca Krauss’ MRP, “You Go, Girl:" How Facebook and Instagram Impacted the Post-Feminist Construction of Electric Forest's Women's Program, identifies the different ways women’s music festivals experiences are portrayed on social media. Krauss’ further explains how her experience with music festivals shaped her MRP and the current work she does as a Marketing and Communications Coordinator at EDIT: Expo for Design.

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