FCAD Team Makes Campus Map Virtual

Led by ProCom Professor Dr. Frauke Zeller and RTA Professor Dr. Ali Mazalek, the Participatory Campus Planning project has created an interactive tabletop visualization and 3D map of the Ryerson campus. Fashioned within the Synaesthetic Media Lab, Drs. Zeller and Mazalek aim to use 3D environments and interactive tabletop technologies to change the process of urban campus planning.

Through the interactive tabletop and a wall display, users can explore the virtual representation of Ryerson campus, using handheld 'pucks' to navigate the 3D space. The participatory aspect of the project gives users the power to 'flag' areas of interest within the virtual world: if an area of campus seems too dark, for example, a student can insert a safety flag to highlight the issue, or even add a virtual lamp post to correct the issue. In addition to safety indications, the interactive 3D space allows for individuals to raise issues of accessibility, recreation, sanitation and green space.

Interested in learning more? Please contact Hana Smith at hanakosmith@ryerson.ca.


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