Alumni Spotlight: 2014 MPC Grad Nicola Brown


Tell us about yourself! What's your name, and what do you do?

My name is Nicola Brown, I'm an MPC2014 grad and I currently work as a freelance writer, editor and communication consultant. Part of my work includes running travel site and I also run the ProCom Alumni Association Newsletter. You can find me on LinkedIn here if you'd like to connect!

Why did you choose MPC?

I was looking for a Master's program that could offer the right balance of academic and practical work. The MPC has both a research-based thesis component as well as an internship, and classes apply intellectual topics to real-world scenarios. It's also only a year long, which makes it an attractive and feasible possibility for those who are unsure about the opportunity costs of pursuing a Master's.

Standout Classes?

Will I sound like a nerd if I say all of them? I just really love the diversity of subject matter you can explore with this program. There are amazing courses offered within the MPC taught by ProCom faculty, and you can also take courses outside the program where you have a chance to meet people from other programs at Ryerson, too. I met Journalism students and MBA students through taking some external classes and it was great to have people from different disciplines to work with and discuss ideas. That's another thing that I loved about the MPC - students come from such diverse backgrounds, and that makes discussions incredibly interesting. You end up with connections to so many different people and industries.

What's your best non-class-related experience (your internship, etc?)

There were a ton of opportunities to get involved and make the most of the program in your own way. I managed to turn my unpaid internship into a paid freelance contract. I'm also incredibly proud to have initiated an MPC tradition for entering and winning Gold Quill Awards for some of the incredible work we produce in our classes. The MPC program is now known throughout the communication industry for producing some of the best student work (and graduates!) in the world. I can't thank Wendy Freeman and Theomary Karamanis enough for their encouragement and confidence; some of the mentors you will meet through the MPC program are exceptional, and they will push you to achieve more than you thought was possible.

What was your MRP about, and does it relate to your current career/research interests?

I took a rather different approach to most people with my MRP. Because my undergraduate degree was in psychology, I really wanted to undertake some challenging quantitative research that bridged the fields of psychology and communication. I think interdisciplinary research is really important. So I chose to study creativity from a psychological perspective. If you'll allow me to play my nerd card again: My research found that a new psychometric measure of creative motivation may be effective for predicting creative performance. Such a measure could, for example, be used in HR for hiring creative professionals, or assessing gaps in creative potential in business teams.

I am still incredibly passionate about cross-disciplinary applications of psychological science, and I now write articles as a psychology subject matter expert for a US-based marketing and business publication.

What's one piece of advice you have for those considering the MPC?

Do it. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made.