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ProCom - Bachelor of Arts Information Sheet - 2013

Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication

In the Fall of 2013, we began offering one of the first BA programs in Canada in Professional Communication. The ProCom BA offers a clear progression in the theory and practice of professional communication as well as the flexibility to design programs of study based on personal interest and career goals.

ProCom - Minor in Professional Communication - Information Sheet - 2013

Minor in Professional Communication

Why minor in Professional Communication? Every aspect of organizational life depends on communication – team functions, customer relations, sales, human resources management, product development, to name a few. Professional communication expertise will help you in all aspects of your work,by enabling you to communicate effectively with coworkers, managers, subordinates, customers, clients, and industry partners. The majority of job listings for University graduates specifically demand “excellent verbal and written communication skills.” A Minor in Professional Communication will prove to employers that you have the communication skills required forsuccessful performance in the workplace.

ProCom - Masters of Professional Communication - Brochure - 2013

Master of Professional Communication

The Master of Professional Communication (MPC) is a one-year, 3-semester, full-time master’s degree that provides students with an opportunity to study the theory and practice of professional communication. Through a combination of courses, an internship, and the completion of a major research paper, students develop an in-depth understanding of communication in digital, not-for-profit, public, and corporate contexts.